UVA Highlights Compassionate Schools Project
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UVA Highlights Compassionate Schools Project

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-1-58-04-pmThe University of Virginia’s premier news outlet, UVA TODAY, featured the Compassionate Schools Project:

“Students watch as pieces of glitter float furiously around inside a recently shaken jar. The glitter, their teacher tells them, is akin to their emotions; after being provoked, if they wait and give it time, the glittery chaos inside the jar will eventually settle and calm will be restored.

This lesson is just one of many elementary school students learn in Louisville, Kentucky, where the Jefferson County Schools district is partnering with the University of Virginia’s Youth-Nex Center and the Contemplative Sciences Center to implement a health and wellness program called the Compassionate Schools Project.”

Read the full story: Compassionate Schools Project Offers New Take on PE/Health Curriculum