Compassionate Schools Project | Science News: Mindfulness Defuses Stress in Classrooms and Teaching
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Science News: Mindfulness Defuses Stress in Classrooms and Teaching

The Society for Science & the Public (SSP) highlighted CARE and CSP in Science News for Students, its curricula resource for educators and students. The story articulates the positive effects of mindfulness which CARE and CSP promote and how those affect student and teacher stress, well-being, and teacher ability to engage students and manage disruptive classroom behaviors. Elementary school counselor Mandy Montgomery “has found mindfulness to be so effective that she now uses it with first-grade classes at the beginning of the school year. She teaches the students how to use breathing and mindful-listening techniques to calm themselves and focus their attention on their teachers. ‘I have less anxiety and don’t get as overwhelmed as quickly as I used to,’ she says. ‘I am able to control my temper better and have an overall sense of peace most of the time.'”

Read the full story, “‘Mindfulness’ Defuses Stress in Classrooms and Teaching.”