Watch CSP Teacher’s Award and Inspiring Journey
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Watch CSP Teacher’s Award and Inspiring Journey

Meghann Clem Mattingly ExCEL Award WinnerIn her acceptance speech for a prestigious teaching award, Meghann Clem Mattingly said of the Compassionate Schools Project, “I believe this to be more than a project. I believe this to be a movement. And being a part of this movement has been the biggest honor of my career yet.”

Mattingly, who teaches at Louisville’s Cane Run School, received the ExCEL Award (The Excellence in Classroom and Educational Leadership Award).

“I had always been passionate about teaching my students social-emotional skills. There had always been such a deficit in this area for our students. However the demands of being a teacher pushed those needs to the back,” she said.

“This curriculum is so well-written that it truly has the potential to change the trajectory of the lives of our students. There is no greater feeling for a teacher than to be a part of something so profound.”

Mattingly thanked the leadership Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) and at Cane Run: Dr. Donna Hargens, Principal Kim Coslow, Miss Phillips, and Dr. Alexis Harris.

Watch Mattingly’s moving story about her personal journey into teaching  in this video: Compassionate Schools Project Teacher Wins Award, Calls CSP a Movement.”