Compassionate Schools Project | Take the Mindful30 Challenge to Benefit CSP!
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Take the Mindful30 Challenge to Benefit CSP!

The Compassionate Schools Project has been chosen as a beneficiary of Mindful30, a 30 day mindfulness challenge of meditation and mindful exploration.

Join us September 1-30 by signing up now at CSP’s unique link:

What You’ll Get: Mindful30 gives you exclusive online access to expert guidance and inspiration delivered to you each day:

Exclusive Mindful30 Facebook Live events & community

  • Daily themes designed to help you get the most from mindfulness
  • Over 6 hours of video & audio delivered in short daily guided meditations
  • Additional readings and expert Q & A
  • Exclusive Mindful30 Facebook Live events & community
  • Plus: a 1-year subscription to Mindful magazine. Current subscribers will have their subscriptions extended one year.

Mindful30 will help you experience the power of daily mindfulness to:

  • Navigate stress and reduce anxiety
  • Improve your health—physical and mental
  • Sharpen your focus, performance, productivity
  • Deepen your relationships with loved ones
  • Rewire your brain with new habits for a better you

Learn More: