2022 – Compassionate Schools Project
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Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) is committed to helping its teachers remain in the classroom by addressing the often overlooked and unique pressures teachers face. One of the ways it is doing this is through its work with the Compassionate Schools Project, offering various professional development opportunities designed to support educators’ well-being. JCPS educators can search the Vector PD Tracker system to sign up for sessions of interest.

Read the full story: JCPS Tackles Teacher Retention with Multi-Faceted, Whole-Person Approach

The Compassionate Schools Project work in Charlottesville City Elementary Schools was recently featured in the inaugural issue of Amplify, a publication from UVA’s Division for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Read the article to learn how this collaborative project and research study among CSC, the School of Education and Human Development, and the Medical School is poised to help children across Virginia build resilience and the personal, social, and emotional skills to reach their highest potential. The article begins on page 21.

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